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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe WP

February 1, 2006

This will be a combined review, both of us having received samples. For a description of Bob and Jim's evaluation procedure, see our reference page.

This wet-processed Yirgacheffe is from the same producers and mill as the well-known DP Yirg, "Idido Misty Valley", named after the town Idido, located in the Gedio Zone of Yirgacheffe.

This is an understated coffee, and people looking for a classic flower-bomb Yirgacheffe are going to be disappointed. However, there are lots of people who would like a Yirg that makes a balanced espresso shot and doesn't get too tannic as a dark roast. This is the coffee for them.

Jim: The coffee has the usual floral and tea like characteristic of a yirg, but softer and much more low toned. The acidity is not citirc, but sweeter, closer to dates. The tea flavor is there, but not sharp like green tea, rather mellow like an oolong, there are also hints of chocolate. This soft roast flavor makes it a good candidate for darker roasts well into the 2nd crack. The mellower acidity also means the coffee is well balanced for espresso, and the shots deliver the taste without distortions.

Bob: I guess I found this this coffee a little more aromatic than Jim did. I found it to be a very gentle, very clean lemony Yirgacheffe with just a hint of apricot in the cup. What I especially liked about it was the fact that it held it's profile all the way down to room temperature with no significant change. It never turned sour or astringent (tea-like) as many Yirgs have a tendency to do. All-in-all, a very clean, pleasant, delicate cup, somewhat light-bodied with a fairly long finish.

Jim's Score
Dry Fragrance: 3.0
Wet Aroma: 4.0
Flavor: 8.0
Finish: 8.0
Acidity: 7.0
Body: 7.0
TOTAL (subtotal + 50): 87.0

Bob's Score
Dry Fragrance: 4.3
Wet Aroma: 4.4
Flavor: 7.7
Finish: 8.0
Acidity: 7.0
Body: 6.9
TOTAL (subtotal + 50): 88.3

  • Lighter Roasts: A low-toned yirg with date and chocolate notes.
  • Darker Roasts: Will go darker than most yirgs without acridity.
  • As Espresso: The low toned acidity and mild roast makes it well balanced for straight shots.


UPDATED: June 27, 2005