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Super Tuscan Espresso Blend

February 13, 2008

This review will be quite a departure from our norm, which usually consistes of reviewing coffee that comes to us green. We normally roast coffees submitted to us at various roast levels and present the cupping results along with roast recommendations. In this case, I am reviewing an espresso blend which arrived, already roasted to a level that the submitter, The Roasterie in Kansas City, Missouri, has found to be the optimum roast level for this blend. It was roasted in a Sivetz "fluid-body" air roaster.

In addition, we usually present information on the origin of the coffees we review and give other background details. In this case we have not been given any origin info or blend details, The Roasterie prefering to keep those details confidential. So all-in-all this is new territory for us, an experiment, if you will and we'll see how it works out.

The coffee arrived three days after it had been roasted with a comment that it would "peak" from 4 to 8 days after the roast date. With that in mind, I cupped it after 4 days and pulled shots every day from the 4th to the 10th day after roasting. The "peak" was difficult to discern; I'd say that after the 5th or 6th day, its profile leveled out and was quite consistent from then, through the 10th day.

The Super Tuscan blend produces a very sweet, slightly spicy shot with adequate, persistent crema, bitter-sweet chocolate, maple syrup, and roasted chestnut flavors. It seems well-balanced enough despite the medium low acidity and absense of high-toned fruit in the profile. Above all, there is a peat-like smoky quality that reminds one of single malt scotch.

These flavors cut though milk (cappuccino) with no problem and the basic sweetness of the blend together with the steamed milk's natural sweetness precludes the need for any additional sweeteners. In the cup (as a brewed beverage), it is a clean, flavorful, full-bodied coffee with medium low acidity and a long, smoky finish.


Dry Fragrance: 4.1
Wet Aroma: 4.1
Flavor: 7.8
Finish: 7.7
Acidity: 7.0
Body: 7.6
TOTAL (subtotal + 50): 88.3


UPDATED: February 14, 2008