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Puerto Rico - Hacienda La florida

November 18 , 2007

This coffee was roasted in a PID'd Sirocco "fluid bed" hot air roaster and was cupped blind against other coffees including a control sample. After cupping, it was tasted as a brewed coffee and espresso extraction. For more information on my sample roaster and method, see our reference page.

Lately I have had the opportunity to sample a number of Puerto Rican coffees and some have been quite good. Although there are those who set Yauco Selecto as the coffee gold standard in P.R., coffee has been grown there almost from the time that the bean was introduced to the Westen Hemisphere, mostly on small, family-owned "fincas".

This coffee was grown in one of several regions where many of these family farms can be found. It comes from high in the Adjuntas Cordillera, the coolest microclimate in all of Puerto Rico, allowing the coffee cherries to ripen slowly and to develop their particular characteristics.

This farm, Hacienda La Florida, is owned by Israel Gonzalez who employs eco-friendly technology developed by the University of Puerto Rico in the processing. Rather than drying the coffee in the sun on patios, they mechanically remove the parchment (pajilla) and load the beans into silos. The parchment is then burned as a biomass fuel which draws warm air through a heat exchanger ensuring clean warm air passes through the silos, drying the beans.

Each year a new harvest of beans results in a new harvest of biomass parchment fuel for processing. The mechanical hulling process also uses very little water compared to traditional methods, thus protecting Puerto Rico's crystal clear fresh water streams. Lastly, the pulp derived from the ripe skin of the bean is allowed to be composted and is returned to the coffee fields as a nutrient-rich potting soil

A light roast produces a rather mottled-looking bean but in the cup, this coffee is clean and rather typical of the mild, sweet, classic coffees produced in P.R. It is non-complex but well balanced with a vanilla/chocolate personality and a touch of herbal and meat broth notes to complete the picture.

A darker roast brought out some bitterness so my preference would be to stop the roast somewhere between first and second crack to maintain the coffee's balance of flavor and acidity without the slight bitter undertone.

Dry Fragrance: 4.1
Wet Aroma: 4.3
Flavor: 7.5
Finish: 7.3
Acidity: 7.4
Body: 7.5
TOTAL (subtotal + 50): 88.1

  • Lighter Roasts: This is the best way to enjoy this coffee, brewing it in a French press, vac-pot or by the drip method.
  • Darker Roasts: Not recommended.
  • As Espresso: Not recommended.


UPDATED: November 20, 2007