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Papua New Guinea Kimel Plantation

April 6, 2006
Bob Yellin

This coffee was cupped blind, side-by-side with three other coffees, one from the same origin and two from different origins. I roasted these beans twice, first light (City) and then to a Full-City level. The coffee was rested for about 9 hours prior to formal cupping, and 2 to 3 more days prior to brewing and pulling espresso shots. For more information on my roaster and method, see our reference page.

The Kimel Plantation has an excellent reputation for producing high quality coffee and this sample is no exception. These beans are literally bursting with complex fruit flavors (fruit and spice and everything nice!): guava, pineapple and mango; and taken in combination with the coffee's chocolate and malty character, it all makes for an impressive and yet, well-balanced cup. Despite the complexity, the coffee is very clean and the flavors distinct. It has a luxurious, creamy body and adequate acidity to carry the total impression to the palate.

Roasted to full city, this coffee is complex enough to serve as an excellent SO espresso shot or, maybe even better, as a cappuccino. Although I didn't roast it beyond full city, my intuition tells me that its uniqeness will fade behind roast flavors if it goes too far into second crack and that would certainly be a pity. Try it and tell me if I was wrong!

Jim (Additional notes): Lebkuechen is a soft German mollases cookie with dried fruit, marzipan, cinnamon and nutmeg. This coffee is like a liquid version of that, and smells like one just broken open. The espresso has the same characteristics; with perhaps an even more cookie-like aroma. Given that this is from a City roast, roasts for espresso should be stopped early in the second crack. One cup had a slightly salty finish, not unpleasant, but warning against very dark roasts.

Bob's Score
Dry fragrance: 4.4
Wet Aroma: 4.4
Flavor: 7.8
Finish: 7.6
Acidity: 7.6
Body: 7.5
TOTAL (subtotal + 50): 89.3

Jim's Score
Dry fragrance: 3.25
Wet Aroma: 4.5
Flavor: 8.25
Finish: 7.5
Acidity: 7.25
Body: 8.0
TOTAL (subtotal + 50): 88.75

  • Lighter Roasts: Best for brewed pleasure and maximum fruit.
  • Darker Roasts: At Full City, it makes a complex SO espresso: straght shot or cappuccino.
  • As Espresso: Excellent but don't over-roast it..Also can be used as a blender with other origins, or in a melange blend by itself.


UPDATED: April 21, 2006